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Domestic Violence Has to Stop

domestic violenceThe arrest of numerous individuals who are committing domestic violence should be enough to alarm everyone that intimate partner violence is indeed among us. And this issue should not be taken lightly as well. Many people have already died because of domestic violence.

Abuse against women is a crime that really crosses all lines – geographic, economic and racial. It has been pervasive for years now. In the United States alone, around 1.3 million women are reported to be victims of physical abuse by their partners. In fact, it has been estimated that 1 out of 4 women is physically maltreated by her husband or boyfriend.

However, men are not exempted from domestic violence as some of them also suffer from the same demeanor. But majority of the victims are females and the number is really alarming. So why should we be concerned about this issue? Chances are, someone we love has been or will be a victim of this crime.

What are the Consequences of Domestic Violence

Physical abuse against women, or anyone for that matter, causes grave effects on the mental, physical and social health of the victim. Most of it are severe and others may even be life-threatening. Women who are involved in relationships that involve physical abuse are at a high risk of experiencing psychological and behavioral problems too. They may undergo depression, suffer from substance use and have low self-esteem.

Bruises and broken bones are just some of the obvious effects of physical abuse. Victims of domestic violence may suffer further other health complaints because the stress they are experiencing may lead to serious illnesses. They need to seek proper medical attention to prevent these harmful effects from getting worse.

Domestic Violence Affects the Society as a Whole

The high occurrence of domestic violence and its severe aftermath results to significant economic costs for health and lost productivity. The estimated cost is around $6 billion every year. But it goes beyond the economic effect because for every woman that is unable to work because she is beaten by her husband, for every young girl raped by her boyfriend and for every child who witnesses his or her parents hit each other, our society becomes chaotic and a less safe place to live in.