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Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia

Hispanic Bar Association District of ColumbiaJust like any other Hispanic Bar Association, the one in Washington D.C. is a non-profit, non-partisan professional group that was established in the year 1977. As of today, there are 700 members of this organization which include practicing lawyers in D.C, Virginia and Maryland, law students and other non-lawyer associates.

HBA-DC strongly encourages the participation of all its members and they hold regular meetings with the Board of Directors too. These meetings usually happen every first Tuesday of the month in the evening.

The HBA-DC is driven to achieve its goal because of the following principles:

  • Developing and improving the interests of Hispanics in the field of law.
  • Fostering equality in the justice system for all Latinos in the country.
  • Keeping Hispanics informed about the relevant legal issues.
  • Commissioning Hispanic lawyers and law students towards professional development.
  • Creating an interest among the community for the legal profession.
  • Furthering the appointment of Hispanic leaders in Federal, state and local government bodies and legal positions.

HBA-DC : Putting their principles into action

To realize their goals, the organization is engaged in different programs and events. They host varied networking events in partner with other professional groups. They also make it a point to comment on current issues that involve the Hispanic community. They collect and distribute information on job opportunities and share it to their members. HBA-DC also publishes a newsletter to report on the activities that the organization has accomplished.

HBA-DC offers assistance to Hispanic citizens who need pro-bono legal services and they also sponsor mentor-mentee activities for the law students and new lawyers. They make it a point to keep their members up-to-date about employment opportunities in the local government and encourage members to participate in bar, civic boards and other legal committees. They also monitor laws that concern issues like immigration, welfare reform, budget measures, bilingual education and any major matters concerning the Hispanic community.

How to Become a Member

If you want to be a member of the HBA-DC, here’s what you have to do. You have to pay an annual due as their membership runs for a 12-month period only after the designated due is settled. Different kinds of members have varying amounts to pay. For example, an attorney member of a firm or legal department with 200 or more lawyers has to pay $65 while an attorney who works in an office with less than 200 attorneys employed will pay $55. Law students who want to be members are permitted for free as well as honorary members. If you are not an existing member of the group all you have to do is to submit an application form.

Fiesta DC

Fiesta DCWhat We Are About

Fiesta DC is a non-profit group that has sponsored and supported various events all throughout the year. These events include neighborhood talent shows, Christmas giving programs, Thanksgiving basket contributions and many more – all geared towards helping the less fortunate members of the Hispanic community.

Fiesta DC is more popular in throwing and hosting the Latino Festival. This celebration continuously grows every year, in attendance and in the variety of performances included. This year, there were around 180,000 people who joined the festival held at the Constitution Avenue. The only sad thing about it is that the costs related to the festival have also increased.

Fiesta DC has celebrated its 43rd year this 2014 in recognition to the Latinos as the fastest growing minority group in the United States. In the District of Columbia alone, the percentage has grown by 28%. As of today, there are over 64,000 Hispanic individuals residing in the District which means that they comprise roughly 10% of the entire population.

In their goal to preserve and promote the Hispanic culture, they are strengthening the organization by broadening their focus to build the capacity of the Latin community; welcoming participants, attendants and those who wish to play both parts.

They want to be the pillar in promoting local talents and developing the team building skills of the next generation to carry out the group’s core mission and vision. They want to announce that they are offering the youth volunteers the chance to develop their skills in sales and event management, customer service and even communication skills. The org also wants the young ones to improve their self-confidence so they can carry out a successful operation that Fiesta DC aims for.

 Fiesta DC Highlights

They have prepared an amazing line-up of groups that performed in the parade held this year, 2014. Fiesta DC also had excellent vendors and sponsors that they want to extend their gratitude to.

The festival this year took place at the Constitution Avenue and 7th Street NW and moved east to 14th Street NW. It all happened on a Sunday, just a few days ago – September 21, 2014 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. They opened the staging area at around 8 am where they have arranged the parade to begin. Gladly, all of the participating groups were in their assigned space and the event was able to commence at 10 am.

With the help of sponsors and vendors, Fiesta DC will hopefully hold another successful Latino Festival next year.

El Pregonero

el pregoneroIf you have never heard of this, El Pregonero is the weekly Spanish newspaper meant for the Hispanic community who lives in Washington D.C. This newspaper company was created to help preserve the community’s identity and Catholic faith while keeping them informed especially Latinos who have just immigrated to the country.

El Pregonero is the oldest Spanish-language newspaper in the metropolitan area and it is the most respected as well. It started on August 1977 as a means of communication for the growing Hispanic community in the state. It keeps them informed in their own language and provides guidance to the new immigrants with their struggle to adjust to a new society.

Through the years, El Pregonero has gained more popularity and trust especially with the help of the awards for excellence that the publication received from both regional and national competitions. Since the newspaper was established, it has served an important role in the Hispanic community’s growth – providing information and advice, entertainment and sports, commentaries and many more from the Latin American.

One good thing about this publication is that it promotes journalism as a way of communication among all the Latinos living in Washington. It is one of the many efforts of the Hispanics to participate in the American society. Ever since they migrated to the United States, they did what they could to contribute and help in the progress and development of the country.


Mission Statement

As a Catholic media organization, Carroll Publishing Company efficiently communicates the teachings of the Bible as lived by the Catholic church in the Archdiocese of metropolitan Washington. Through their publications and other media, the company provides accurate news and information about the church and its general role – national and international levels. Carroll Publishing Company serves as the key to education and evangelization that builds faith and unity among the local church and community of D.C. Furthermore, they want to create a forum of respectful views based on the teaching of the church; defending God-given dignity of all humanity, promoting a Catholic community rich in ethnic and cultural diversity and inspiring people to lead holy and faithful lives.

Vision Statement

Carroll Publishing Company is the first source of reliable news and information with the Catholic faith in mind. They aim to serve the diverse Hispanic community in Washington D.C. by providing first-hand commentaries and keeping the people updated. Education and evangelization are two of their important focuses.

Choosing the Right Obstetrician

choosing and obstetrician

Finding a Doctor during Pregnancy

If you are currently seeing a gynecologist that you are comfortable with, you may also ask the doctor if he or she can care for you during pregnancy. Most gynecologists also practice obstetrics and one convenience that you can get from this is that you won’t have to work with two different doctors. This is particularly beneficial if your gynecologists attend births in a hospital that you like.

However, if your gynecologist may not be able to provide pregnancy care he or she can refer you to some other doctor instead. You may also ask family members or friends who have worked with an obstetrician that they can recommend. Other good sources of referrals are childbirth educators, healthcare providers or the internet.

If you live anywhere in Washington D.C., you may call the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists at 202-638-5577. They have a list of trusted and board-certified ob-gyns that you may choose from. Although most babies in the country are delivered by obstetricians, this job may also be done by certified nurse-midwives, direct-entry midwives, family physicians – just make sure that whomever you choose, you are comfortable.

Criteria for Choosing an Obstetrician

To help you out, you can write down the considerations you are looking for. Also, it can help narrow down your list if you call them first. To save more time, you do not have to meet a doctor that’s not in the network of your providers as required by your insurance company.

Some of the most important things to consider are the following:

Your health history

If you have any chronic illness like high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease or any other complication that requires special attention, then do not hesitate to ask the doctor if he or she has experience in caring for a patient like you. Better yet, go with a doctor who specializes in high-risk births – perinatologist.

Doctor’s outlook

The doctor’s outlook about certain issues will help you determine if he or she is the right one for you. Take for example, what is his or her opinion of continuous fetal monitoring and episiotomy? Is it important or not? Feel free to ask any questions so that you’ll get a clear idea of the doctor’s general approach to care for pregnant women.


Time and again, it has been pointed out how important it is that you are comfortable with your doctor. Pregnancy is one of the most important milestones in your life but it can also be stressful in some ways. You have to be sure that your doctor is there to work with and care for you all the way! One of the things that you should consider is if you can easily communicate with him or her.

WOLA – Washington Office on Latin America

WOLAPromoting Human Rights, Democracy and Social Justice – this is what WOLA is all about. The group’s goal is to help promote these three key points by working with partners in Latin America and the Caribbean to shape the policies in the United States and abroad.

WOLA envisions a future in which human rights and social justice are the basic foundations for public policy in the Latin America community in the U.S. They want to promote a society where change is possible when people on-the-ground work hand-in-hand with the ones who make policy; a society wherein people respect democratic values and human rights of the Hispanic community.


Focuses of WOLA

  • Connect with partners in Latin America and the Caribbean in analyzing regional events, trends and challenges and act quickly in ensuring that the range of voices are heard.
  • Impact policies in the United States and abroad by establishing key contacts with government officials and multi-lateral organizations.
  • Shape the public debate and raise new issues through outreach to traditional and new media; sponsor public events with scholars, officials and grassroots activists; conduct original research, analysis and commentary by a staff with decades of cumulative experience in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Serves as a key resource for civil society organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, working with colleagues in the region on coalition-building, networking, research, advocacy and participation in policy debates.

History of WOLA

The inspiration for creating WOLA is a brutal military coup. General Augusto Pinochet overthrew the democratically elected government in Chile on September 11, 1973. After the unfortunate event, the people who have had experience living and working in Latin America established the group. They were determined to voice out what was happening and seek justice for the people.

WOLA has a unique mission to connect policy-makers in Washington with the witnesses of the thousand deaths, disappearances, torture and unjust imprisonment brought upon by the dictators in Chile and all throughout the region. Other than just ‘representing’ the people, WOLA seeks to gain access in the United States and be connected with the policy-making body which inspired them so much. This very vital collaboration paved the way to WOLA’s successful work.

The group still continues to be at the forefront in promoting new approaches that will help advance the human rights of the people and end the violence that happens in different societies all over the country.

The Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

This organization’s goal is to help develop the network and sources that assist businesses’ growth and progress. There are more than 1500 businesses that participate in their annual events, majority of which are members of the group. There are a variety of participants – from small businesses to Washington’s biggest and most popular ones.

They strongly encourage every business owner to join and be a part of their organization. No matter what the business type is, the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is opening their doors. Just give them the opportunity and they will help in the success of anyone’s business – from networking to education, they can handle it!

Mission and Vision

Just like any other group, the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has its own mission and vision that guide them in their activities. Their mission is to promote and facilitate the success of Hispanic and other minority-owned businesses and the communities they serve through networking, outreach, advocacy and education. Furthermore, their vision is to build a stronger and fortified business network for the competitive future of the entire area.

GWHCC Foundation Programs

Here are some of the organizations well-known programs:

  • Business Expo – the annual business expo was launched in 2010 as the group’s main event in the goal of connecting minority businesses with potential clients and the organizations that help them grow. This business expo is held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center during the first 3 months of the year. In fact, the last business expo was able to attract at least 850 participants and 80 exhibitors.
  • Annual Gala – this is the most important fundraising event of the org. The annual gala serves as a chance for GWHCC to promote the importance and contributions of the Hispanic businesses in the DC Metropolitan community. This is the time when they celebrate the group’s success together with their members, sponsors, partners, corporations and the whole community.
  • Chamber Committees – GWHCC encourages the participation of its members to help in promoting the growth of the organization’s initiatives. Some of the active committees of the group are Government Affairs Committee, Fundraising Committee and the Membership Committee.
  • Monthly Network Events – GWHCC has made it a habit to hold a networking event every once in a month. During these events, members and friends are given the opportunity to expand their social network. Majority of the networking events that they conduct are co-hosted by their sponsors and affiliates. The main goal of such events is to allow everyone to make new contacts and relationships.

Affordable Care Act & Best Practices for Hispanics

logo1.132183832_stdThis year, in partner with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Minority Health and National Hispanic Health Foundation, NHMA has conducted the 18th Annual Conference of providing affordable medical care to the Hispanic community of Washington D.C.

They had partners from both the private and public sectors to fulfill their mission of bringing together experts from across the nation to share their experiences and knowledge in improving the health care delivery for the Hispanic community.

All of the guests will share their expertise on the current innovations regarding medical homes, care organizations, health insurance exchanges, prevention, integrative care, e-health and many more. Some of the diseases that they will focus on include diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Objectives of the Conference:

  • Define how improvements in health care and the Affordable Care Act can influence the health care reform’s prevention and public health strategies.
  • Discuss community-based research that talks about the policy strategies that show promise of eliminating health disparities.
  • Expound on the new treatment strategies to educate Hispanic patients that have diabetes, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular condition, multiple myeloma, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and aging to decrease the morbidity and mortality rate in the community.
  • Define cultural competence, literacy and language services programs for medical education and health care delivery.
  • Explain how leadership skills can be used as an advantage to improve the health of the Hispanic community.


Physician Accreditation Statement

The entire event has been planned out and put to action as guided by the Essential Areas and Policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the sponsorship of Charles R. Drew University and the National Hispanic Medical Association. The former has been accredited by the ACCME to provide continuous education to physicians.


The LMSA Policy Section

LMSA is acronym for Latino Medical Student Association which is an organization affiliated with NHMA. These groups are encouraging all interested students in the Health Policy to join them during the First Annual Student Policy Section at the National Hispanic Medical Association Annual Conference. It was held at the Wardman Park Hotel in Washington D.C. last March27 to 30. These groups encourage everyone to join them in shaping the future of medicine, especially for the Hispanic community.

HNBA Annual Convention 2014

conferenceWhat’s It All About

HBA-DC is proud to partner with the Hispanic National Bar Association for the annual HNBA Convention in Washington D.C. this 2014. It should take place sometime in September 10 to 13 this year.

They plan to celebrate the 39th Annual Convention at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown DC. Hundreds of attorneys, judges and law students are expected to gather during this event. It should be an enjoyable and valuable three-day program that will feature Continuing Legal Education panels with top legal experts, national policy makers and leaders, etc.

This should be the nation’s largest Hispanic Career Fair with exhibits from prominent firms, companies and government agencies. This should be a fun, social activity that offers the best of DC. The theme for this year’s Annual Convention is “Unidos in Washington: Our Struggle, Our Progress”.


 Advocacy of HBA-DC

The focuses of the organization are the issues impacting the Hispanic community in Washington D.C. and across the nation. They send letters to policy makers and some of them are regarding the specific issues below:

  • Letter to Congress regarding comprehensive immigration reform
  • Letter to Senator Cardin regarding Immigrant Stories in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Letter to Senator Kaine regarding his 2013 Speech in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia Resolution in Support of Voter Protections
  • Letter to Congress regarding comprehensive immigration reform
  • And many more…



The organization plays an active role in advancing members of the Washington DC legal community by endorsing candidates for important legal positions. Good examples of these ‘positions’ are bench and bar leadership positions. Interested parties for such endorsements are encouraged to contact the Endorsement Committee co-chair, Mr. Sergio Oehninger at


Membership Benefits

HBA-DC gives importance to inputs regarding the improvement of the membership experience. The organization strongly encourages its members to share their thoughts on the membership benefits that they think will be helpful. The benefits list that HBA-DC offers include:

  • Subscription to HBA-DC’s weekly newsletter
  • Access to HBA-DC’s Job Board posts
  • Optional inclusion in the group’s Spanish Speaking Attorney Directory
  • A discounted price for attendance at HBA-DC’s annual Equal Justice Awards reception
  • The opportunity to participate in the organization’s various committees
  • Mentorship opportunities for law students and young attorneys
  • Invitation to our networking events
  • Invitation to our professional development workshops
  • Information concerning  pro bono opportunities, many directed to assisting the Hispanic community
  • Special $50 discounted rate to join the Hispanic National Bar Association, a savings of $25-$100 depending on HNBA member status

Attorney Daniel Lopez – Protect Your Investment

Daniel T.  LopezWhat are corporate lawyers

Simply put, a corporate lawyer is someone who focuses in corporations law. His or her role is to make sure of the legality of commercial transactions. Offices hire these lawyers to advise them on their legal rights and duties. They also guide the corporate officers to make wise and responsible decisions. Corporate lawyers should be knowledgeable when it comes to contract law, tax law, accounting, securities law, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, licensing, zoning laws and any other law that is related to the businesses and finance.

Corporate lawyers have somewhat of a less stressful work environment as compared to those who practice trial law. As they say, lawyers for commercial transactions are just facilitators of the deal. Rarely does it happen that they become opponents or enemies. Corporate lawyers are around to ensure structured transactions and negotiated deals rather than unsettled disputes.


Requirements for Becoming a Corporate Lawyer

  • Juris Doctor – to those who want to become a corporate lawyer, they must complete a 3-year Juris Doctor or JD from any accredited law school. Before they can be admitted to law school, they must first finish a bachelor’s degree program and acquire a passing score on the Law School Admission Test.
  • Master of Laws – law school graduates who wish to expand their knowledge about the field and venture into corporate and business may take up a 1-year Master of Laws program. This usually focuses on legal writing and theory. However, students are more than free to customize their path of study.
  • Licensure – after completing their preferred law programs, they are required to pass the bar exam before they can begin their practice. But they may have to take more than the bar exam if they wish to work for a company that requires it.


Who is Daniel Lopez

Attorney Daniel Lopez has now 15 years or so of reliable experience in the industry. He has been rendering his services in the state and federal courts of Northern Virginia. It is quite an understatement to say that Attorney Daniel Lopez is a success because he’s earned more of that title. He is very hard working as he really prepares for each case that he handles. In fact, he tailors his legal services to meet the different demands of his varying clients. His primary areas of expertise are criminal defense and immigration litigation. He graduated from the George Washington University School of Law in Washington, D.C. He worked for the United States Court of Claims and Connecticut Superior Court. He was also a part of AYUDA, a non-profit organization that helps immigrants and any related issue to immigration.

The Festivals Make It More Fun in D.C.

Street dancers in Havana. CubaWashington D.C. has always been an interesting place to visit. There are so many things to see here and some of these are the White House, Lincoln Memorial, International Spy Museum and Washington Monument. But besides these famous sites, the city is also packed with fun-filled events. One of these festive events is the Latino Festival which is held annually and is usually referred to as the Fiesta DC. This yearly event is dedicated to the Hispanic community living in this area. It highlights the Latino culture with a Parade of Nations and a couple of other events.

The usual line up for this gleeful festival goes like this:
• Children’s festival
• Science fair
• Diplomatic pavilion for embassies and consulates
• Arts & crafts
• International cuisine

The Fiesta DC is free for anyone to enjoy. There are no fees to pay or tickets to buy. It’s basically an open-house celebration that everybody is invited to, especially the Hispanic residents of the area. This event is usually celebrated grandly and can take up a whole neighborhood. The nicest thing about this Latino festival is that it brings together various non-profit groups, community leaders and even members of private organizations. The main purpose is to let everyone have a good time and enjoy the richness of the Spanish culture.

Coincidentally, this annual festivity is celebrated during the Hispanic Heritage Month. The latter usually takes place during September 15 to October 15. The Hispanic Heritage Month, on the other hand, is celebrated not only DC but also different areas of the country. The purpose of this month-long celebration is to commemorate the culture and tradition of the Latinos who are residing in the U.S. Most of these residents trace back their roots to Spain, Mexico, Central America, South America and Caribbean.

The Hispanic Heritage Month is jam-packed with activities and programs that are both interesting and enjoyable. For one, there is the National Gallery of Art that exhibits the richness and diversity of the Spanish culture. They offer regular guided tours that are in Spanish and they provide audio and printed guides too. On a more entertaining note, there is the Prince George’s County Hispanic Festival. This event is perfect for those who enjoy going to carnivals and the like. This is filled with different kinds of games, arts and crafts, pony rides and stalls of ethnic food. Live Spanish music is also played in the background to set the mood and add more life in the festivity.

The Hispanic Heritage Month is also popular among many because of its film showing. The AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Centre is just one of the few places that usually host this event during the month-long fiesta. There’s really so much that anyone can learn from these events. Washington D.C. is one of the most Latin-populated areas in the country and this is why they give high importance to these celebrations. This is also one of the reasons why many Hispanics have found their home here.