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Deadly Crane Accidents

crane accidentsSafety hazards on construction sites should be followed strictly not only by the workers but by everyone. This is one sure way to avoid serious accidents from happening. Most of the hazards are caused by heavy equipment that is used in construction sites. No one can ever predict when an accident can happen, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Recently, a particular construction equipment has been prevalent in fatal accidents and this is the construction crane. Construction cranes are immediately noticeable in construction sites because of their size and their omnipresence is the reason why they are often involved in serious accidents. This should not be taken lightly as most cases of injuries sometimes lead to the death of a construction worker.

Types of Crane Accidents

Crane accidents are a very serious issue. One time, an owner of a construction firm in New York was killed when the arm of a crane malfunctioned and crushed him. He was about to check the crane for safety when the arm broke free and pinned him to the ground. Another breaking news involving a crane in a serious accident happened in Texas when a worker was crushed by conveyor that fell from an overhead crane. Moreover, a Tennessee plant worker was crushed between an overhead crane and a cab frame last February. There are just too many serious construction accidents that are related to the crane.

The mentioned accidents above are all very tragic and they are just common examples of construction incidents that are crane-related. What makes everything more unfortunate is that these accidents can be prevented. Responsible organizations, like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has done everything they can to promote crane safety in construction sites and strictly oblige employers to abide by the guidelines of crane operation and maintenance. However, some owners tend to overlook safety practices and fail to meet the requirements.

Crane operators who do their work in a hurry have the tendency to improperly maneuver its arm and it might hit into live power lines that can cause electrocution for anyone that is in contact with the crane. The crane arm may also connect to a worker by accident which can instantly kill him or cause fatal injury. Cranes may also knock large objects from above and turn them into deadly matters, especially if the rigging is not properly secured.