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Bankruptcy Lawyers

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Bankruptcy lawyers are very much needed especially during trying economic times. It is during these times that people have the need to file for bankruptcy because the unemployment and home for closure rates increase. The main focus of this type of lawyer is to provide assistance to clients in need of eliminating their debt or proceed to announcing a bankruptcy.

The range of their clients includes individual debtors, corporate debtors, corporate creditors, individual creditor, etc. Long hours are every lawyer’s biggest enemy at work but with bankruptcy lawyers, it extends to weekends too. They have to accommodate their client’s schedule and most are just available during the weekends. They can hold meetings at offices, houses, libraries – anywhere that’s convenient for the client.

Educational Requirements

To become a bankruptcy lawyer, a current attorney license as well as a juris doctorate is needed. For aspiring students who want to pursue this career path, they would need to complete their course at any prestigious law school first. They would need to take up courses such as creditor’s rights, income taxation and other bankruptcy-related courses. Although fresh graduates are always welcome to apply, those who have experience will have an advantage.

Furthermore, students may boost up their credentials by taking up a master’s of law program in bankruptcy especially if they have a J.D. already. This course only takes 12 months to complete and is highly recommended if they really want to specialize in the field. They are encouraged to join professional organizations to show their dedication and commitment to the practice.

Salary and Job Outlook

For a bankruptcy lawyers, the average salary is around $113,000 per year. However, a number of factors may affect their earnings. Take for example, working for either a private or public sector may make a significant difference on the salary. It also depends on their workplace as some receive higher pay than their colleagues – legal departments of large banks, credit card companies, public interest organizations and many more. So far, those who work for private sectors are paid higher than those who do not.

Due to the current decline in the economy, the need for bankruptcy lawyers has increased. People joke about how these people are the only ones not losing their job. Moreover, their caseloads have increased tremendously which leads to more job openings. But the competition remains really tight due to the inflow of law school graduates into the job market.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Maryland that Hispanics Can Trust

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Maryland that Hispanics Can Trust

It is not a secret that majority of the Latin residents of the country are underpaid and that they don’t get the benefits that they are entitled to. They are given very little attention by the government and most of the time, their needs are taken for granted. So it is not difficult to imagine that it is quite a challenge for them to seek for help when they have to. What do the members of the Hispanic community have in store for them when the going gets tough? Where do they run to when they need help financially?

Bankruptcy is a problem faced not only by the wealthy but also by those who are struggling with their everyday expenses. This is such an unfortunate event for anyone yet it is never hopeless, not even for the financially-deprived Hispanics. There are law firms all around Maryland that charges affordable and low rate for their services. A helping hand is always just around the corner when one knows where to look for it. The office of Holmquist & Dickerson, LLC is just one of the best examples of this ‘helping hand’. The sole mission of this firm is to assist Marylanders get a fresh start from their debt problems without charging them ridiculously high fees.

The members of the Hispanic community who are having bankruptcy problems should take comfort in the fact that this law firm is driven by this idea: “You can pay us less, or others more, it’s up to you”. Even if they charge less than what the other law firms are billing, they still guarantee to handle each and every one of their cases properly. Since anyone who ever has a bankruptcy problem is trying to save money, then it is best to go for a firm that can provide helpful solutions for less.

Although it might sound like the law firm is too good to be true, they really are. The main focus of the entire office is to help anyone who is having a hard time financially. This can proven by the string of positive testimonials that they have on their website. Holmquist & Dickerson, LLC have helped a handful of clients in the past few years that they have been in the business. And you can be one of these people if you put your trust in them. They handle all cases that are related to bankruptcy, mortgages, etc.

Bankruptcy is truly a serious issue to face. Anyone can lose their home, car and anything that they value in just a snap of someone’s fingers. The Hispanics can save themselves and their families from suffering from this kind of devastation by working with the right people. Mr. Holmquist and Mrs. Dickerson have combined their 33 years of experience in the industry so that they can handle their clients’ cases in the best way that they can. They are both licensed and very knowledgeable of the United States bankruptcy code. Get a fresh start out of your debt problems by letting this law firm assist you in achieving that goal.