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Drinking Alcohol – Is it Good or Bad for You?

drinking alcoholDrinking alcohol and its relation to health has always been a controversial topic. Does drinking alcohol really keep you healthy? What signs should you look out for to determine that you’re already drinking too much?

Many studies and researches have shown that moderate alcohol drinking can help lower down a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. This means that a woman can consume one drink per day and a man one or two. There is a difference in the amount because women and men have varying metabolisms when it comes to alcohol.

Based on the information released by the U.S, Department of Agriculture, one drink is equivalent to:

  • 12 ounces of beer
  • 5 ounces of red wine
  • 1 ½ ounces of spirits such as gin or whiskey which are 80-proof

Drinking Too Much is Dangerous for your Health

Although the limit has been set, some people just can’t stop with only one or two drinks. The consequence of having too much alcohol is suffering from some serious health conditions. Excessive alcohol intake can damage your liver which leads to cirrhosis, a fatal disease. Too much alcohol can also increase your blood pressure which can seriously damage your heart. This can result to many different types of cancer including mouth, breast, esophagus, prostate and colorectal. The risks are even higher for people who drink much and smoke as well.

The negative effects of alcoholism extend to the loved ones of the individual too. There are about 16,000 individuals who die every year in vehicular accidents that involve drunken drivers. The unfortunate thing here is that not only these drunken drivers die, but also their passengers, other motorists and even innocent bystanders. Health experts stated that alcohol is a depressant. It has the tendency to make people sad over time which can result to depression and other unfortunate events.

Abusing Alcohol

The following are ways on how you can tell if you or someone you know is drinking beyond limits.

  • If you feel that you should cut down on your alcohol intake.
  • If you feel annoyed when people criticize you about your drinking habits.
  • If you feel guilty during your drinking sessions.
  • If you treat alcohol as an ‘eye opener’ – you need to drink at least one shot to calm your nerves or get rid of a nasty hang-over.

These are just some of the signs that you can look out for. There are many other factors that can indicate that you’re already suffering from alcoholism, ask your health provider about it.