NFL Players Abuse Painkillers

opioid painkillerA study conducted by the Washington University shows that NFL Players are prone to abusing the use of painkillers, especially during Super Bowls. However, what seems to be quite alarming is that this habit continues into retirement.

According to the study, retired National Football League players who excessively use opioid painkillers while still playing tend to continue using the drug even after they leave the sport. Moreover, they have discovered that more than half of the NFL players are enslaved to the drug. In fact, there are more than 71% of the players who are abusing it while playing and 15% admits to continuously misusing the drug after they retire.

Frank Gifford, a former newscaster and member of NY Giants stated ‘Pro football is like nuclear warfare. There are no winners, only survivors.’ His statement is further supported by the findings in Cottler’s report. The rate of opioid misuse among NFL players is three times more than the lifetime rate of nonmedical use of the drug among the general public.

Misuse is defined as taking a drug more than what it is prescribed for. If you use it in a way other than it is prescribed, that is abuse as well. Finally, if you use it for a different reason then you are also abusing the drug.

To conclude the study, NFL players were misusing the painkiller during play for moderate to severe pain, undiagnosed concussions and drinking too much alcohol in one week. Undiagnosed concussions were reported to be at 81% among misusers.

What is Opioid Painkiller?

It is any chemical that resonate opiates in its pharmacological effects. It binds with opioid receptors that are found in the central and peripheral nervous system as well as in the gastrointestinal tract. The receptors control both the psychoactive and somatic effects of the drug.

Medical Uses of Opioid

  • Acute pain – opioids are effective to cure acute pain and they are usually prescribed to a person who has undergone surgery. They also play an important role in palliative care to help ease disabling pain that may be experienced by patients who have cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic diseases.
  • Shortness of Breath – opioids are found to help with shortness of breath that is suffered by patients with cancer and COPD.
  • Chronic non-cancer Pain – although some people take opioids to relieve them from non-chronic conditions like headache and back pain, this is strongly discouraged by medical professionals. When used this way, opioids are said to do more than damage than good to the patient.

How to Detect if you Have a Fractured Bone

fractured boneDid you know that you may have a fractured bone without you being aware of it? Find out the symptoms from this article and prevent the risk of developing serious bone fractures in the future.

Keep in mind that any crack or break in your bone is already considered a fractured bone. Being involved in automobile accidents is the most common cause of having a fractured bone. However, some injuries may also occur in the comforts of your home.

Having a fractured arm bone mostly occurs in children because they tend to hold out their arms to break a fall. For older people (age 65 and above), they tend to fracture their hips, spine, arm and leg more.

The symptoms of a bone fracture depend on the bone that is fractured and from what accident it was incurred. The shin bone is a long bone in the body that is often broken with symptoms ranging from mild swelling to a bone sticking out through the skin.

Types of Bone Fractures

Greenstick – this is a crack on the side of a bone but the damage doesn’t go all the way through.

Complete – this type of fracture goes all the way through the bone.

Stress – this is hairline crack that happens when the bone is overused. Most of the time, minor leg fractures result from this type of bone fracture.

Compression – this type of fracture often happens to the spinal cord when the bone collapses.

Open – this one is categorized by a broken skin. Also known as compound fractures, the bone goes out of the skin when this happens.

Comminuted – this type refers to broken bones in more than one part of the body.

Most Common Symptoms of Bone Fractures

  • Deformed bone or joint
  • Swelling or bruising around the affected area
  • Sever pain that gets worse when moving
  • Broken skin with the bone showing through
  • Sensation in the area is lost
  • Inability to move

Everyone is at risk of suffering from a fracture. However, individuals who are under the age of 20 or over the age of 65 are of greater risk of accidents. Middle-aged women and over are prone to experiencing fractured bones than men of the same age group because they easily develop osteoporosis. Undergoing menopause causes women to lose a significant amount of estrogen which lowers down their calcium level as well.

How to Deal with a Medical Malpractice Case

medical malpracticeYou rely on your doctor to give you dependable advice about your health and well-being. However, not all medical professionals are able to provide their patients with exceptional care. When a doctor fails to do his or her job and puts the patient’s health and well-being in danger, medical malpractice occurs. If you are a victim of such unfortunate situation, you should consult your trusted attorneys for help and legal advice right away. And make sure you don’t miss any legal deadlines!

Statute of Limitations

Medical malpractice cases have deadlines like any other personal injury situations. These deadlines are also referred to as statute of limitations. As a victim of this case, it is important that you are mindful of the deadline because some malpractices are no longer noticeable after a few years that the ‘error’ is done by the doctor. If you file your case later than 2 years, then you may lose the legal right to pursue the proper compensation for the damages that you incurred.

There are various cases of medical malpractice and each of them can be discovered differently too. For example, if the doctor operates on the wrong body part then that can be discovered immediately as incisions are readily visible. Unfortunately, there are some medical errors that take longer to discover. When a doctor accidentally leaves a tool inside your body, you may feel the consequences after a few weeks or months.

You may try to treat the discomfort with over-the-counter medicines because you are unaware of the real problem. But the pain will persist until you get a diagnostic imaging test and find out the real reason that’s causing your discomfort. Keep in mind that you should get in touch with your lawyer right away upon discovery. He or she will help you pursue a claim before the statute of limitations is over.

Responsibilities of your Attorney

Your personal injury lawyer will listen to your case to get all the details and advise you of whether you have a malpractice case or not. Although attorneys have different styles, they usually start with obtaining your medical records. They will need all the nitty gritty on your case so that they can establish a strong defense for you. Some firms even go further in helping their clients look for a reliable doctor that can fix the medical problem. They can do all the legal work to find a trustworthy medical professional in your area.

Deadly Crane Accidents

crane accidentsSafety hazards on construction sites should be followed strictly not only by the workers but by everyone. This is one sure way to avoid serious accidents from happening. Most of the hazards are caused by heavy equipment that is used in construction sites. No one can ever predict when an accident can happen, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Recently, a particular construction equipment has been prevalent in fatal accidents and this is the construction crane. Construction cranes are immediately noticeable in construction sites because of their size and their omnipresence is the reason why they are often involved in serious accidents. This should not be taken lightly as most cases of injuries sometimes lead to the death of a construction worker.

Types of Crane Accidents

Crane accidents are a very serious issue. One time, an owner of a construction firm in New York was killed when the arm of a crane malfunctioned and crushed him. He was about to check the crane for safety when the arm broke free and pinned him to the ground. Another breaking news involving a crane in a serious accident happened in Texas when a worker was crushed by conveyor that fell from an overhead crane. Moreover, a Tennessee plant worker was crushed between an overhead crane and a cab frame last February. There are just too many serious construction accidents that are related to the crane.

The mentioned accidents above are all very tragic and they are just common examples of construction incidents that are crane-related. What makes everything more unfortunate is that these accidents can be prevented. Responsible organizations, like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has done everything they can to promote crane safety in construction sites and strictly oblige employers to abide by the guidelines of crane operation and maintenance. However, some owners tend to overlook safety practices and fail to meet the requirements.

Crane operators who do their work in a hurry have the tendency to improperly maneuver its arm and it might hit into live power lines that can cause electrocution for anyone that is in contact with the crane. The crane arm may also connect to a worker by accident which can instantly kill him or cause fatal injury. Cranes may also knock large objects from above and turn them into deadly matters, especially if the rigging is not properly secured.

Damages that can be Recovered in Wrongful Death Cases

wrongful death claimsAn unexpected death in the family always leaves a void in everyone. Although wrongful death laws vary by state, justice should always be served. For one, the bereaved family members are encouraged to seek compensation for both past and future losses. You can file a claim for funeral expenses, hospital charges, future economic contributions and many more.

Kinds of Wrongful Death Damages

There are many things that you and your family can claim after an accidental death. You can claim monetary and various types of compensation that are related to the future of the family of the deceased. Here are some examples:

  • Wage loss for the deceased’s life expectancy – this range from the untimely death to the anticipated time/age the deceased will retire from work.
  • Loss of household roles
  • Loss of spousal companionship
  • Loss of aid in caring for his/her children

As the direct family of the deceased, you may also file claims for the damages that you have already incurred including funeral expenses, medical bills for the accident and the family’s pain for the unexpected loss.

Factors that Affect Wrongful Death Claims

Let’s be honest, it will always be inhumane to put a price on a person’s life. Monetary and other forms of compensation can never replace the life of your loved one. The negligence of a company, individual or anyone can never be paid for when a life is lost. The bereaved family’s pain can never be compensated enough. However, it is the only way to help the family of the deceased move on from their loss. A wrongful death claim may help determine the life of a victim is valued at. It includes factors like employment, family roles and lifespan.

When a younger person becomes a victim of a wrongful death, it is reasonable that he or she is expected to live for a longer time compared to an elderly victim. Had the accident not occurred, the victim is expected to have contributed more to his or her family. This is why a wrongful death claim for a younger victim is expected to be more than what is provided for elderly victims.

Moreover, the compensation for the future income of an individual who has a high-paying job is higher than that of a victim that has low income. The compensation is also expected to be high if the deceased has more dependents (spouse and children). Wrongful death claims is a complicated situation to be involved in. But a reliable and knowledgeable lawyer should be able to clearly explain everything to you.

Cola Coloring Increases the Beverage’s Cancer Risk Factor

carcinogen in colaThe process of caramel coloring in soft drinks particularly the cola produces a carcinogen that is claimed to increase the risk of cancer to above the accepted threshold. According to studies, there is at least one extra cancer case in every 100,000 people that are consuming the beverage.

Consumer Reports conducted various laboratory tests on different types of soft drinks that Americans consume and they found out that drinking one can of cola a day is enough to expose an individual to higher cancer risks. The chemical responsible for this risk is called 4-MEI which is short for methylimidazole.

This chemical is formed during the manufacture of the caramel coloring that is added to cola and many other drinks. This is not necessary but is added for the purpose of aesthetics.

A law has been implemented in California that all beverages must carry warning labels if they contain excessive amount of 4-MEI to warn consumers of the cancer risk. An exposure to at least 29 mcg of the carcinogen every day is enough to pose great danger for anyone.

It’s not just big amounts of sugar that people should be worried about when drinking a can of cola. Consumers are now exposed to unnecessary cancer risk from an ingredient that is mixed with the beverage just for aesthetics. This is a great threat to the public as people may be drinking their favorite cola unaware of the grave danger that it raises to their health.

Over half of the American population, ages range from 6 to 64, consumes enough amount of soda each day to be exposed to cancer. Consumer Reports even believe that the limit is still too high for the average consumer. Their most recent report even concluded that a rise in the cases of cancer in the country (between 76 and 5,000) is expected in the coming years because of this exposure.

If people continue to consume cola and other beverages that contain 4-MEI, it is predictable that they elevate themselves to a greater risk of cancer over the course of their lifetime. The government should take steps to protect the health of the public. California is just one of the few government bodies that has already took action by setting a threshold for prompting warnings on food and drinks that contain the carcinogen.

Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy by Walking

hippocampusAerobic exercise has always been known to be good for the heart. But recent studies show that it is also beneficial for the brain. If you take regular walks, it can help protect the center of your brain. However, the same researches have also found that stretching exercises can shrink the hippocampus – the center of the brain.

Moreover, regular walking such as three times every week can help increase the volume of the hippocampus. This is important especially for the elderly as it will improve their memory as proven by a control group of mid-60’s men and women who’ve been walking regularly for about a year.

On the contrary, a control group who’ve been taking stretching classes for a year showed a decline in the volume of the hippocampus. This was reported by Dr. Arthur Kramer and his colleagues of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

This research is very useful, especially for the older age group because it shows that there is a way to overcome memory loss. By doing simple exercises such as walking, the age-related decline of the hippocampal can be prevented. It can also improve your health and well-being.

The Hippocampus

Hippocampus is a major part of the brain and is located on each side, left and right. It belongs to the limbic system and plays an important part in the processing of information from short term to long term memory. Unfortunately, it is one of the parts of the brain which is first to suffer damage such as memory loss and disorientation. Some of the causes of these damages are oxygen starvation and medial temporal lobe epilepsy. When there is extensive damage, you may experience inability to retain or form new memories.

The volume of the hippocampus tends to drop as you grow older, at least 1 or 2 percent every year. This can lead to impaired memory or even dementia if not prevented. Aerobic walking at least 3 times a week can improve your fitness and memory. There is around 2 percent increase in the volume of the hippocampus if simple exercises are performed. If you cannot walk around your village, you may walk on a treadmill and enjoy the same benefits too.

The study conducted by Dr. Kramer and his team showed that their control group showed better memory performance compared to individuals who did not participate in the walking exercise. Aerobic exercises is neuroprotective and a regimen that enhances the cognition of an individual.

6 Tips to Have a Successful Surgery

successful surgeryAlmost everyone is scared of the idea of undergoing surgery, especially a major one. What makes us really worry about surgical procedure? Why are we so hesitant about it? There could be many possible reasons and each of us has a different way of handling it.

Here are 6 helpful tips to ensure that we have a successful surgery and fast recovery. Preparing ourselves on what we can expect and seeking proper post-surgical care are big help to make the entire ‘stressful’ process bearable for us.


Understand Your Options

It’s quite understandable that some of us may have violent reactions and mixed emotions when told that we’ll need to undergo surgical procedure. But what we have to remember is that we must focus and think about our options. We have to carefully discuss with our doctor if we have a choice of alternative or if we have a number of surgical procedures to choose from. We must make it a point to schedule more than one consultation with our attending physician.

Select an Experienced Surgical Team

We should seek the help of our doctor to choose an experienced surgical team and facility that specializes in our particular condition. We should also ensure that we schedule our operation in a facility that has a high volume of surgical procedure of what we are having because this is one proof that they are trusted in the area.

Follow Pre-Surgery Prep Instructions

For a more successful surgical procedure result, let us always follow our doctor’s advice and take good care of ourselves before the ‘big’ day. Our bodies undergo great stress because of surgery so we need to be physically strong to handle that blow. We should always get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet and avoid bad vices like smoking.

Be Aware of Possible Complications

Having a positive mind is always helpful for our fast recovery. However, there are times when complications happen and we have to be ready for them. As good patients, we always have to be well-informed.

Get Proper Follow-Up Care

The real work begins after surgery – we have to recover from it! We should always get a better understanding of the follow-up care that we need after the operation. The process may require us, our family and caregivers to learn new skills and we should encourage everyone to help us to avoid experiencing any serious complications.

Our Road to the New Us

Let us not be afraid to ask our doctor everything we need to know after our operation. Our family should have immediate contact with our doctor in case there is further information that we need. Most importantly, we need to get enough rest and sleep to regain our strength. Eating the recommended diet for our condition is also prime! Our road to recovery will be easier if follow our surgical team’s advice before and after the operation.

Dangerous Bacteria Lurking Outside the Hospitals

clostridium difficileMost people think that the outside world is a lot safer than being contained in the hospital – where different kinds of bacteria and virus are living due to varying illnesses suffered by patients. However, recent study has shown that dangerous bacteria called Clostridium difficile is also present outside the hospital. The said bacteria can cause serious infections that can lead to death and other serious conditions.

What is Clostridium Difficile?

This is a deadly diarrheal infection that can pose deathly threats to anyone who is affected. Ileana Arias, principal deputy director at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stated that the bacteria have caused many Americans to suffer and some even passed away. In fact, it has been linked to more than 14,000 deaths in the United States annually.

According to medical experts, people who are susceptible to the bacteria are those that often take antibiotics and also receive medical care from any health center. Generally, the illnesses caused by Clostridium difficile are treatable and can be prevented from getting serious if proper treatment is just seeked.

Most of the time, the bacteria’s rapid growth in a patient’s system is due to excessive use of antibiotics. People who lead unhealthy lives and diet are at higher risk of acquiring the bacteria.

Affected People

Based on the report, 50% of the patients who have Clostridium Difficile are under the age 65. But those who usually die are the ones in the older age group. Moreover, the other 50% of the patients were infected due to improper care from hospitals and other health care centers. These cases could have been prevented if only health care workers would follow simple infection control precautions.

For one, doctors can prescribe lesser antibiotics and wash their hands often especially before and after dealing with infected patients. Simple measures like these, when followed, can reduce the infections caused by Clostridium difficile by 20% as proven by hospitals in Illinois, New York and Massachusetts.

Why Does Too Much Antibiotics Trigger the Bacteria?

The study shows that too much antibiotic intake can diminish the body’s ‘good’ bacteria for several months. When the ‘good’ bacteria is absent in the body, this is when Clostridium difficile grow and make patients sick.

Symptoms of infection include diarrhea, fever, nausea and loss of appetite. Diarrhea can often lead to dehydration which can turn into a deadly infection. The medical experts highly recommend that proper treatment and tests should be conducted to a patient taking antibiotics who suffer from diarrhea thereafter.

Drinking Alcohol – Is it Good or Bad for You?

drinking alcoholDrinking alcohol and its relation to health has always been a controversial topic. Does drinking alcohol really keep you healthy? What signs should you look out for to determine that you’re already drinking too much?

Many studies and researches have shown that moderate alcohol drinking can help lower down a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. This means that a woman can consume one drink per day and a man one or two. There is a difference in the amount because women and men have varying metabolisms when it comes to alcohol.

Based on the information released by the U.S, Department of Agriculture, one drink is equivalent to:

  • 12 ounces of beer
  • 5 ounces of red wine
  • 1 ½ ounces of spirits such as gin or whiskey which are 80-proof

Drinking Too Much is Dangerous for your Health

Although the limit has been set, some people just can’t stop with only one or two drinks. The consequence of having too much alcohol is suffering from some serious health conditions. Excessive alcohol intake can damage your liver which leads to cirrhosis, a fatal disease. Too much alcohol can also increase your blood pressure which can seriously damage your heart. This can result to many different types of cancer including mouth, breast, esophagus, prostate and colorectal. The risks are even higher for people who drink much and smoke as well.

The negative effects of alcoholism extend to the loved ones of the individual too. There are about 16,000 individuals who die every year in vehicular accidents that involve drunken drivers. The unfortunate thing here is that not only these drunken drivers die, but also their passengers, other motorists and even innocent bystanders. Health experts stated that alcohol is a depressant. It has the tendency to make people sad over time which can result to depression and other unfortunate events.

Abusing Alcohol

The following are ways on how you can tell if you or someone you know is drinking beyond limits.

  • If you feel that you should cut down on your alcohol intake.
  • If you feel annoyed when people criticize you about your drinking habits.
  • If you feel guilty during your drinking sessions.
  • If you treat alcohol as an ‘eye opener’ – you need to drink at least one shot to calm your nerves or get rid of a nasty hang-over.

These are just some of the signs that you can look out for. There are many other factors that can indicate that you’re already suffering from alcoholism, ask your health provider about it.