All About the LULAC National Legislative Conference & Awards Gala

Many of us still do not know what the LULAC National Legislative Conference & Awards Gala is about. For those of us who haven’t heard about it before, this event focuses on the critical legislative issues that concern the Hispanic community living in the United States. This is also when the main Spanish leaders who contributed and served the community well are given proper recognition.

Things to Look Forward to at the LULAC 2014

The LULAC is an annual event which usually happens in the month of February. At this year’s celebration, it is planned that they will present their policy issues to the council members. They will also be presenting the corresponding awards to three elected officials at the seventeenth gala event. The scheduled date for the celebration is on February 26 and it will take place in Washington D.C. This year should also mark the 85th anniversary of LULAC as it started in the year 1929. As planned, the event will take place at the Embassy Suites in WA. This is located at 1250 22nd Street NW with the contact number of 202-857-3388.

More of What Will Happen at the LULAC 2014

As part of the agenda, they will have a policy summit with Members of Congress, the LULAC’s staff and appointed Hispanic leaders to properly address the principal policy priorities for this year. It is planned that the discussion of the key issues concerning the Latino community will be done in the morning of February 26. Some of the topics that will be tackled are health care, comprehensive immigration reform, education, childhood obesity, early pregnancy, broadband adoption of minor communities and a lot more. It is also part of the agenda that during Wednesday’s luncheon, several panels will talk about the policy priorities of LULAC.

The Funds of LULAC 2014

The proceeds of the upcoming LULAC National Legislative Conference and Awards Gala will be used to bolster the work of the LULAC National Office. This should cover the LULAC’s policy and legislative advocacy, the organization of the Hispanic communities by creating LULAC councils all over the country and many more. The donations that this legislative event will receive are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution. However, if it is a business expense then the corresponding taxes will apply. Many are hoping that the said gala will raise an appropriate amount because this will help push through numerous plans that the LULAC has laid out.

Who is Responsible for the LULAC 2014

The League of United Latin American Citizens and its corporate alliance are the ones who thoroughly organized the upcoming LULAC 2014. This year it will be the 17th annual celebration of the LULAC National Legislative Conference & Awards Gala Celebrating Legislative Service to the Hispanic Community. The LULAC National Office is located at 1133 19th Street, NW, Suite 1000 in Washington. For further inquiries, they may be reached at 202-833-6130. The honorees for the said event are still to be discussed and decided upon by the league.

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