About the Hispanic Bar Association in DC, Virginia, and Maryland

What is HBA-DC (Hispanic Bar Association of DC)?

What is this so-called “HBA-DC” and what is it for? This topic has been quite the buzz among many people not so long ago but what they are unaware about is that this non-profit organization has been around since 1977. Yes, it has been founded a long time ago by prominent and willful lawyers of the Hispanic community. In fact, it has been dubbed as the Hispanic Lawyers Association. And many would find that title very appropriate as the acronym “HBA-DC” really stands for Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia.

Lawyers in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

The members of this organization encompass practicing lawyers residing in Washington, D.C., Maryland and even Virginia. Latinos who are still attending local law schools are also included and even those who are not taking up the said practice may also join as associate members. This Hispanic organization has very clearly set its objectives and one’s membership automatically means strict compliance. The group is focused and they strongly encourage each and every member’s participation in any event or meeting involving the Hispanic community. The members regularly meet up during the first Tuesday of the month and discuss whatever is on the group’s plate.

Focus on the Hispanic community

The HBA-DC’s focus is generally in favor of the Hispanic community. They are keen in helping Spanish students thrive in this legal profession. They work hard to achieve equal justice and opportunity for the Hispanics. They want to keep the Latinos well-informed especially when it comes to relevant legal issues. They also aim to encourage more of the Hispanic community to enter the legal profession and increase the chances of the Latinos to secure positions in the government, may it be federal, state, local or judiciary.

Of course, the members are very much aware that they have to do some serious action to make their principles happen. Some of the things that they do include:

  • Hosting networking opportunities for their Hispanic members.
  • Holds trainings and seminars discussing current legal events.
  • Passionately involves themselves with issues relating to the Hispanic community.
  • Religiously looks for job openings for the Latinos and generously spreads out the information.
  • Regularly publishes reports on the events and activities that the HBA-DC is involved in.
  • Arrange panel events to promote various legal careers.
  • Helps out the Hispanic community in getting pro bono legal services.
  • Keeps the members updated of any available leadership position in the government.
  • Takes note of issues and events that concern immigration, welfare opportunities, budget matters, education and other things that can affect the >Hispanics.
  • Organizes trainings that strengthens the mentor-mentee relationships of the students.
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