8 Steps to Living Healthy

healthy livingHealthy living is never out of reach. You can always start today and commit yourself to living a toxic-free lifestyle. Just remember that living healthy is a long-term commitment and not just the flavor-the-month. And just like everything else, it takes little steps to get to the big thing. But it’s nothing impossible that you can’t do – as long as you have the determination.

Here are simple steps that you can include in your checklist towards healthy living today and tomorrow.

Step 1: Take Stock

Make regular appointments with your doctor and dentist. Catch up on your health by getting routine screening and immunizations required. Ask your doctor about anything that concerns you so that he or she can give you professional advice.

Assess your activities. Gauge how much physical activity you do in a week. Ask yourself if you get enough variety and if the intensity is appropriate for your age. According to CDC, adults should get at least two and a half hours per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous exercise.

Keep a food diary. If you can, write down every food that you eat every day. In that way, you can keep track of your calorie intake and all the nutrients you put in your body including the bad calories.

Step 2: Put Out Fires

Always get the proper treatment for whatever medical condition that you have – heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other illnesses. Make it a priority as you’ll only get one chance to be healthy especially if you have bad habits like smoking, drinking and any other addictions. Partner with your doctor in dealing with these situations so that you’ll get the appropriate help that you need.

Step 3: Move More

Increase your physical activity because it’s good for your heart.

Make it Fun. It is highly suggested that you do physical activities with your friends like hiking, swimming or even a belly dance class.

Keep Track of It. As mentioned in step 1, take note of all the physical activities that you do. If you’d like, put on a big X mark on the days when you exercised because a visual record is a good motivation to keep things up.

Step 4: Upgrade Your Diet

A good way to start and keep a healthy diet is replacing the phrase ‘I should’ with ‘I choose’. For example, instead of saying ‘I should eat fruits and vegetables’ say ‘ I choose to eat fruits and vegetables’. Plan out your healthy diet by stocking your pantry with healthy food and snacks. In that way, you’re always prepared when you get hungry.

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