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Attorney Mary BuonannoWhen is an Injury Lawyer Needed

An injury lawyer is whom you run to if you need someone to legally represent you if you get injured, physically or psychologically. You need one if you get caught up in such situation due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another individual which may also be a company, group or government agency. A good personal injury lawyer should not only be knowledgeable but also experienced when it comes to ‘tort law’. This law encompasses anything that is involved with civil wrongs and economic or non-economic damages to anyone’s property, reputation and rights. However, be aware that injury lawyers are not limited to this field. They are also trained and licensed to practice any field of law, only they specialize in tort law.

Responsibilities of a Personal Injury Lawyer

When it comes to responsibilities, personal injury lawyers have a handful. Their responsibilities go from professional to ethical rules and codes of conduct set by the state law associations for which they are licensed to. This means that they are authorized to file legal complaints, argue clients’ cases in state court, draft legal documents and offer legal advice to anyone who seek it, especially victims of personal injuries. One of their responsibilities is to interview possible clients and assess their cases to determine if these are indeed legal matters. Of course, personal injury lawyers conduct intensive investigation to identify the cause of their client’s problem and how to solve it. Above all, they are expected to follow the strict standards of legal ethics in all the cases that they handle. It is true that the standards vary from state to state, but the basic codes of conduct are very much the same.

Mary Buonanno Law Offices

Mary Buonanno is one of the personal injury lawyers that clients can trust. She is very keen in all of the cases that she handles and has been practicing in this field for quite some time now. Some of the cases that she handles are related to auto and vehicular accidents, construction accidents, cancer misdiagnosis, nursing home abuses, etc. She is proven to be very resourceful in getting a satisfactory result for all of her clients. At the start of her career, most of the cases that she handled were compensation related. However, she eventually branched out to different areas through time. She does not receive any payments unless she has won and handled well the case. If you do not want to hire the wrong lawyer, then Attorney Mary Buonanno is a definite choice.

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