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How to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Zest

hispanic heritage monthThe Hispanic Heritage Month celebration usually starts on September 15 of every year. It also marks the Independence Day of some countries in Central America such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, etc. As indicated in the name, it is a month-long celebration that focuses on the culture and contributions of the Hispanic community. Some areas in the United States make a big fuss over this celebration but some remain to be oblivious to it. Like for example, in Miami the Hispanic Heritage Month is not considered to be a big and significant event. Since the Latino population is continually growing, many households find it a nice opportunity to introduce their children more to the Spanish culture. In fact, many Hispanic families celebrate everyday in their homes even if there are no scheduled events. Here are three effective ways that will make the celebration more fun and memorable for the entire family.

Music is a Must When Celebrating the Hispanic Heritage Month

Each and every one of us has a music lover in us. Most of the Hispanic families living in the country have made music an important part of their lives. Whether they are at home or traveling in their cars, they usually have something lively playing in their music box. This is very much true especially when the Hispanic Heritage Month comes around the bend. The whole celebration is characterized by gleeful Spanish music. They also have a habit of patronizing their fellow Latino artists which is very good because it helps boosts their reputation. The genre of their music has expanded throughout the years. They have salsa, rock en espanol and many more.

Potluck on Hispanic Heritage Month Keeps the Merriment Going

There is a diverse group of Hispanics living in the Unites States right now. Some of them are Dominican Republic while others came from Chile and Argentina. So one can just imagine how diverse the Spanish culture is. What the whole community does during this kind of celebration is that they encourage each and every one to bring the most representative dish from their country of origin. This usually results to a more festive get-together as the spread will be filled with a good balance of appetizers, entrees and desserts. They also have a wide array of beverages. It’s an excellent way to expose everyone, especially the children to different tastes of the Spanish cuisine.

Family Tree is Fun During the Hispanic Heritage Month

Since everyone will surely be caught up in the merriment of this celebration, it would also be a good time to trace back one’s lineage. Making a family tree might sound out-of-date but it makes quite an excellent idea if you think of getting into the heart of things. It is the perfect activity to reminisce one’s origin and culture too. The children will also get the chance to get to know their family members better, especially the ones who have already passed away. It will serve as the perfect bonding time for the entire family as they can spend time together and enjoy sharing their creative ideas. They can gather photos, newspaper clippings, family recipes and anything that will make their family tree project more unique.

University of Maryland Gives Importance to Chiropractors

Getting to Know the University of Maryland A Bit Better

The UMMC (University of Maryland Medical Center) is considered to be the heart of the medical system’s downtown campus. It was built back in the year 1823, which makes it one of the oldest academic medical centers. Through the years, it has provided comprehensive care for those who are living in the West Baltimore area and tertiary care for the ones who reside in Maryland and the surrounding area. The hospital is driven by the mission to help the state and region as a tertiary/quaternary care center. Its team has been providing the entire local community with a full range of care options. They also work on educating the patients well and the hospital’s utmost goal is to be a site for world-class clinical research in the near future.

University of Maryland on Chiropractic

The UMMC has a lot of departments and they give equal importance to each one. Chiropractic is one of the many focuses of the medical center that they want to educate the local community of Maryland with. First of all, what does chiropractic means? It is actually derived from Greek word that means “done by hand”. This field concentrates on manipulating the spine and other joints to treat certain conditions. Chiropractic is based on the belief that the nervous system is the responsible for controlling the whole body. And so, if the spine is corrected then illnesses can be prevented and treated too. The founder of chiropractic is Daniel David Palmer. He was studying spinal structure and manipulative techniques during his time. It is said that he was able to restore the hearing of a deaf man when he treated a dislocated vertebra in the man’s back. He strongly believed that most illnesses in the body are caused by the misalignment of the spine. These days, a lot of other therapies have been developed by chiropractors. But spinal manipulation remains to be at the center of it all.

How Many Treatments are Required During Chiropractic Treatments

The usual treatments take about several weeks to complete. Chiropractors usually suggest at least 3 sessions in a week depending on the needs of a patient. If the condition of a patient improves, then this will be minimized to a weekly session. Each session lasts for around 10 to 20 minutes each.

Illnesses that are Treated with Chiropractic
It has been proven time and again that chiropractic is an efficient treatment for acute and chronic low back pain, neck pain and headaches. There have also been claims that it was able to cure frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and other sports injuries, ear infection, digestive illnesses, menstrual pains, etc. It is said that it can also help improve the conditions of patients who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Chiropractors attend to those who have headaches, fatigue and other health issues. For more information on the chiropractic approach that the University of Maryland has, they may be reached at 800-492-5538. The center is located at 22 South Greene Street in Baltimore, Maryland.